国际商事合同笔记 第二章Part4合同范围



3.1  The Seller shall provide the following supplies and services under the terms and conditions of the Contract as more fully set out in the Contract Specifications:


     A.   Designing and engineering the Facility;(设计与制造设施;)

     B.   Manufacturing and delivering the Equipment;(生产与运送设备;)

     C.   Providing the Supervising Services;(提供现场服务;)

     D.   Providing all drawings, data, documents, information and manuals necessary for the construction, maintenance and operation of the Facility;提供设备建造、维护和操作所必需的所有图纸、资料、文件、信息和手册;


3.2  The apportionment of supply between the Buyer and the Seller is set out in general terms in the Contract Specifications. The Seller shall supply, on a Delivery at Site basis and at no extra charge, all minor parts that are obviously necessary for the functioning of the Facility, if the intention to include is clearly inferred from the Contract though they are not explicitly included in the Contract Specifications or drawings.